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About us

Dear readers!
We knew that it will take place. Sooner or later. Our meeting. We believed in it. We have been looking forward to it. Anxiously. We have been preparing it. Trying to make it unforgettable. Finally it starts. What are your first impressions? Sometimes they are the most reliable. Curiosity? Vigilance? Benevolence? Scepticism? Maybe anticipation of something new, unexplored? In any case, if you have dropped in, certainly you're not indifferent and an enthusiastic person. You're thirsting to fill your life with new revelations in life and in yourself. Revelations through Word, Image, Sentiment, i.e. through literature. It is Her Majesty Literature that makes us close and determines our need in each other. Love to literature unites us and makes our hearts beat frequently when we take a book in our hands.
We will do our best. To satisfy. To satisfy your longing for new and interesting in literature. We will try to be diverse and not boring. Relevant and demanded by most of you. That is a complicated task. And we realize it. The readers are scrupulous and the book market is large. However, passion and craving for revelations is intrinsic not only to you, our reader. The great writer Franz Kafka once said "The hollow which the work of genius has burned into our surroundings is a good place in which to put one's little light". It inspires us and incites us to action.
Having visited our web-site you have made a step towards our acquaintance.
You are welcome!
It's our turn to take the next step.
Your Publishing house Nordina

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